Concept Team
  • Felipe Memoria Partner & UX Director
  • Michal Pasternak Partner & UX Director
  • Ian Burns Creative Director
  • Ryan Frank Art Director
  • Robin Man Product Design Lead
Working with the Ted team was one of the most ground breaking and eye opening projects for me. It showed me the many (now obvious) opportunities collaborative efforts between agency and client teams hold when we remove boundaries and insecurities and became one team.
The Work –
Though we went through a plethera of ideas, the concepts for the pitch were quite simple: Aid discovery and accompany talks with actionable supplemental information. Below are some of the simple ideas I loved from the pitch.
Auto Play Feature
Fixed Video
Contextual Accompanying
As we started to work on the product, we decided to focus our efforts on the most viewed page of the site... the video detail page. We spent most of the initial time concepting, sketching, and refining.