Project Team
  • Brett Waszkelewicz Creative Director
  • Fan Wu Design
  • Jae-Won Choi Design
  • Robin Man UX, Design, & Art Direction
Juxtaposing the iconic sci-fi genre with traditional newspaper design, The Verge separates itself from the blog roll competitors with its editorial style. The homepage is an homage to the newspaper grid, allowing readers to be immersed in a wealth of trending stories and the latest tech coverage. Articles pages lead with large mastheads and implement flexible editorial templates to create organic and unique layouts for each story allowing the content to shape the page.
Homepage –
Editorial Structure
with responsive modules
Customizable Breakers
Quick view
of all homepage
Detail Pages   –-
In addition to a default article template for short form or low priority stories, we created a system of modules to integrate with the standard template to create variance and shape the page structure to fit it’s content.
Though I think its fair to say the visual design is not timeless, the core principles behind each decision still holds wieght in today’s digital editorial space.