Project Team
  • Anthony Besada Experience Director
  • Ruben Sun UX Designer
  • Jillian Hobbs Designer
  • Andrew Bergal Technical Director
  • Ben Smit Producer / Product Manager
  • Robin Man Creative Director
Driven by a passion for curiosity, Nautilus curates monthly topics to provoke thought around the science of everyday. But many science editorials can have a seemingly narrow perspective catering only to particular demographics. Instead, Nautilus wanted an approachable simple design that matched it's content.
The Work –
To make every month as unique as its content, a new illustrator is chosen to curate and visualize each theme and story. The templates were created to facilitate this expression and allow the artist to populate the template differentiating each page.
Featured Story template
Fully customized
Drop Cap Template
Standand Template
The Nautilus team is an amazingly dedicated publishing group and their passion is shown every month by their well noticed design/curation efforts.
Email me if you’re interested in learning more about the page structures, content strategy, publishing schedule, or CMS. I’ll geek out about it anytime (if I have time too).